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Need a professional painter?
Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services from residential, to commercial and custom work.


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Reasons to work

Quality Commitment

Whether a small bathroom repaint or a luxurious lake front new build, we remain steadfast in our quality commitment. Mike’s team will treat your project as is if it were their own. We are not finished until you are completely satisfied!

We Are Creative

Mike’s lifelong career as a painter has empowered him to get in touch with and master his artistic talent. He has a sharp eye for color and can offer his expert opinion when it comes to sheen type, wash-ability, and color combos. He also provides luxurious faux finish designs that add artistic flair to a room and durability for a timeless alternative to wallpaper.

Honest And Dependable

We’ve all heard it a million times…….you get what you pay for! You will get an excellent finished product at a fair price. Your estimate will include all aspects of the project, and you will be informed of any unforeseen changes along the way. We are an open book and pride ourselves on being trusted as dependable professional painting contractors.

Get your

Let us evaluate your current situation and provide you with a solution to your painting problem. We will give you a comprehensive plan to tackle your current job.

View our custom work both residential and commercial
Highend Home fully painted

Highend Home fully painted

Highend Home
fully painted

We painted the ceilings, railways
and all the rooms.

Cabinetry &Home remodel

Cabinetry &Home remodel

Cabinetry &
Home remodel

We re-painted the living room, additional rooms, and the cabinetry.

Other Projects

Other Projects

Other Projects

Other various projects we have completed.

Contact 2nd Glance Painting

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