A remodel project. On a tight deadline. For a highend client.

Scope of Work.

We began by re-painting the trim and the walls of this ranch style home. Then we stained new kitchen cabinet doors to match existing boxes. ( We custom match colors for these type of projects.) We also performed drywall repair for house settling/ wall cracks.

What were the challenges?

Meeting the deadline was the greatest challenge of this project. The scope of work had many moving parts and required expert technique.  We also worked extra hours to make the deadline.

The Clients Testimonial:

I’m working on my testimonial, however, I’m struggling with where to start.  As I looked over my before and after pictures, let’s just say I’m even more impressed with all you and Mike accomplished for us!  Ironically, as we embarked on a total house remodel, we thought the key component was who we choose as the contractor.  Wow, were we wrong!  The true talent and best investment of our dollars were in the painter we chose.  To think, for a fleeting moment, Tom and I considered tackling the painting project ourselves,

because it was “just the walls, trim and ceiling”.  When in reality,  it turned into cabinet staining, (to match 20yr old existing cupboards)  painting the existing bathroom vanity, fireplace mantel, kitchen shelves, raw metal brackets for the kitchen shelves, front door inside and out, hinges, door stoppers, floor trim, and toe kick trim (you even taught me new terminology and the difference between the trim) stair railing and who knows what else you and Mike caulked and painted to make our house look like something out of a designer catalogue.
What honestly surprised both Tom and me, was what we didn’t know about your craft.  We had no idea the labor, time and attention to detail you spent in preparing all the items you were painting and even those things you were not.  From covering floors, not one drop of paint was ever found on my new million dollar flooring, and why my contractor insisted on installing them first, is a process I will NEVER understand; to covering 40+ windows, 4 french doors, and a slider, and probably a lot of other stuff I didn’t even realize.  All of this while my family and my dogs lived in the lower level of our house.  You kept us safe from paint fumes by covering heating/cooling vents, venting off sections of the house and hauling what you could paint/stain to your workshop, after putting in a 10 hour day at our home.

Thank you for a job that is more than well done, thank you for also being a support during a difficult and well overdue remodel project!

Renee Swab 






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